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We have improved the space at the back of the pool in Lee-on-the-Solent to make it more accessible/usable space for our own health, family use and to enhance the facilities of the bathing pool. In the room is a 3 person infrared Sauna, which we hope will offer additional health benefits.


Infrared Sauna -Lee-On-Solent


People use the bathing pool for privacy, and we don’t want the sauna to change this.

We propose to allow the sauna to be booked in the same way as the pool, under the strict understanding that there is no access to the pool, unless both facilities are booked at the same time.

Access will be gained to the sauna room by a rear access door and keypad to the sauna room, to  ensure that users of the pool will not be disturbed.


Currently, the sauna does not have a shower in the same room. If you book the sauna for the half hour before your swim session, you will be able to use the pool showers after the sauna and before swimming. The pool showers are restricted to the groups who have use of the pool.

Sauna hire cost - £10 per person for 30 minutes

To Book:  telephone Brook on 02392554145 in the first instance.

If you have been before you can book online here

Claimed Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna :

· Assists weight loss and increases metabolism

· Improves circulation to deep and superficial tissues

· Promotes detoxification of the heavy metals and organic chemicals stored in fat cells

· Helps boost the immune response to  kill viruses and bacteria

· Pain relief

· Muscle relaxation

· Accelerates the breakdown of fat and cellulite

· Promotes skin tone, elasticity, pore cleansing and healing of skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis

· Accelerates wound healing from injuries and surgeries and reduces scar

· formation

· Passive cardiovascular conditioning effect: enhances oxygen and nutrients to deep tissues

· Regulates blood pressure

· Useful in athletic conditions to warm muscles before, and after activity

· Reduces physical and emotional stress

· Reduces fatigue and stimulates energy

· Anti-cancer effect through hyperthermia effect, immunity enhancement and elimination of carcinogenic chemicals.

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