Your Pool is an Asset

Which can provide an income

Public swimming pools do not always meet the swimming and exercise needs of everyone. There are many reasons why individuals or groups cannot use more traditional pools. ​ My aim is to encourage more private pool owners to share their pools with others, providing an invaluable experience for a variety of distinct needs.

I have opened my pool to the public, swim schools, physiotherapists, care homes, the disabled and others for more than 20 years. Over this time, I have spoken to many other pool owners, councillors, planners, pool construction specialists, swim schools and others about hiring out private pools. This has given me unique experience related to private pool hire.

If you wish to realise the value of your asset, I can work with you to maximise your pool's potential.

For a small fee I will:

Offer advice and guidance so that you can confidently host customers, with all the experience I have gained from operating for 20+ years to include:


  • liabilities, regulations and risks related to hiring out your pool

  • building strong relationships with diverse customers.

  • advertising your facilities on this website

  • creating a bespoke web based booking system

Brook White

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