Conditions of Hire

The bathing Pool -Lee-on-the-Solent


1. Contract of hire

The hiring contract shall be between MyPool Limited (the operator) and the lead person who makes the booking and shall deemed to be made subject to these conditions of hire. Unauthorised use of the facilities is not permitted. At each visit users are to sign the signing in sheet to acknowledge adherence to these rules and conditions of hire.


2. Safety

  1. No lifeguard or video surveillance is provided.

  2. Anyone using the facilities does so at their own risk.

  3. There must always be a responsible/competent adult swimmer present when children are present. Adults must be able to care for children in the event that an adult has an accident.

  4. Adults in the group must have a mobile phone to contact emergency services if required, as the owners may not always be available.

  5. Users have a duty of care for their guests.

  6. Users can view a copy of the Pool Operating Instructions, which outlines the risk factors and safety procedures, in a red book in the sunroom.

  7. Maximum of 8 in the pool at any one time.

  8. No Diving into pool. (Max depth of the pool 1.45m)

  9. In the event of an accident or incident, please notify the owners, so that a record can be made in the accident book.

  10. Do not allow a person within the group who may have a contagious illness to swim.

  11. No unauthorised access to the plant room or store at the rear of the building.


3. Loss and Injury

The owners or MyPool Limited will not be held liable for any injury, illness, accident or loss or damage to property, however caused, directly or indirectly in or out of the Bathing Pool, or any pool listed on the MyPool website.


4. Consideration for other members

  1. Members are kindly requested to leave the facilities as they would wish to find them.

  2. The allotted session includes time for changing. Please clear the building by the end of your session time.

  3. No outdoor footwear is allowed into the changing room or around the pool.

  4. Shower before entering the pool as this reduces the need for extra chemicals in the pool.

  5. Young children still using nappies must wear swim nappies. Used nappies to be taken home by carers.

  6. The pool is sited in a residential area and due consideration should be given to our neighbours.

  7. Please do not park in the space opposite the home and next to the alleyway, as this makes it near impossible for our neighbour to use their drive. Please do not park across the drive at Number 8.  If space allows, you can park on our driveway.


5. Damage

All damages and breakages must be reported immediately to the owners.


6. Additional terms

  1. Only responsible persons over the age of 18 years can book the pool.

  2. The proprietors retain the right to cancel a session without notice.

  3. Strictly no smoking or eating on or around the premises.

  4. No sub-letting.

  5. Individuals or groups can be refused bookings for non-compliance with these terms.


7.  Lone swimmers

We actively discourage lone swimmers from using the pool. However, in exceptional circumstances, being reassured that they fully accept the risks; there being, no lifeguard or video surveillance and that there is no-one to come to their aid, should they get into difficulties, we allow exceptions on this understanding.