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About MyPool

25 years ago, local friends and groups started to use my own private pool, The Bathing Pool, to help me cover the running costs. It is booked by the hour allowing each group sole use of the pool. The Bathing Pool's popularity has grown tremendously with families, pensioners, those with Special Needs, Baby Swimming groups, Aquasize classes, GP referrals, Hydrotherapy patients and for one-to-one swimming lessons for all ages.

The Pool is open each day from 7.30 am to 9.30 pm.

Sole use, privacy of the pool and changing areas and the warmth of the water attract people to The Bathing Pool. Typical pools such as at Leisure Centres can exclude some people because of the following negative reasons: – too public (self-conscious about body image), too cold, too noisy and unsuitable for children, the elderly or those with special requirements.

MyPool's Vision - Widening Access

The "MyPool" vision is to provide appealing, accessible and affordable swimming and hydrotherapy facilities for all those people who find other pools unsuitable.

I passionately believe that we need innovation in the leisure swimming market to encourage more people to benefit from regular exercise. My aim is to provide a new kind of warm water facility that enables a wider variety of people to take part in physical activities.

I am keen to work with anyone who has an interest in improving pool facilities to benefit health and well-being across a wider cross-section of the community.

If you feel you can assist in any way, I am keen to hear from you.

Brook White
Tel: 02392554145

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